Myofascial Release Therapy for Incontinence

Myofascial release therapy (MFR) is a type of manual therapy aimed at relieving tension and pain in the myofascial tissues (connective tissues). This therapy has been explored as a potential treatment for various conditions, including incontinence.

How Myofascial Release Therapy for incontinence works:

Application to Incontinence: Incontinence, particularly stress urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction, can be associated with tension and dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding fascia. Myofascial release therapy for incontinence typically involves:


Evidence and Efficacy: While anecdotal evidence and some clinical studies support myofascial release for incontinence, more research is needed to establish its efficacy definitively. Some studies suggest that MFR can be part of a comprehensive pelvic floor therapy programme, including other treatments like pelvic floor exercises and lifestyle-changing therapies.


In conclusion, myofascial release therapy holds promise as a component of a multidisciplinary approach to managing incontinence. Patients interested in this therapy should consult with their healthcare provider to determine whether it is appropriate for their situation.