integrated myofascial therapy 

at your retreat...

Exciting news! Integrated Myofascial Therapy (iMFT) is now available for retreats in and around Europe. 

This hands-on bodywork greatly complements any yoga, health, weight loss, healing, meditation, mindfulness, fasting, and detox retreat. 

iMFT not only brings about tissue and postural changes; it also enhances and deepens the retreat experience as it helps to process emotions such as sadness, shame, anger, and fear from past and recent experiences. iMFT can transform how you understand and perceive pain. 

Receiving this treatment can bring a sense of peace and openness to love.

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Please get in touch with Alex to find out more. Email or message Alex on 07733101040 

Alex worked at the 14th Terschelling Yoga Festival in The Netherlands in 2022.